Unless you’re an art curator, gallery owner, or artist, chances are that buying art does not come very naturally to you. During a visit to artist Zoë Pawlak’s studio in Montréal a few years ago, the subject of choosing art for your home came up. We touched on questions like How do I choose? When do I invest? How do I educate myself? Should I go for black-and-white abstract art or colorful photography?

Suddenly, the prospect of choosing artwork seemed less daunting. She had such interesting thoughts on choosing art for your home that I knew I needed to pass on her wisdom. Ready to get rid of those blank walls? Read Pawlak’s top tips, and you’ll be on your way to becoming an amateur art curator (for your home, at least).

Like What You Like

“While your home décor can obey certain rules, such as investing in neutral couches or flooring, I urge people to use their walls for irrational or eclectic choices.

“Art is a place for expression through color, content, and texture,” says Pawlak. “Choose art at a heart level, and don’t forget about sculptures and rugs!” They can make artistic statements too.