Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday told Donald Trump that he will lose re-election in 2020, after the president acknowledged that the 2020 presidential candidate has been rising in the polls among the Democratic primary field.

“Wow! Crazy Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls, looking very good against his opponents in the Do Nothing Party. So what does this all mean? Stay tuned!” Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

In response, Sanders tweeted moments later: “It means you’re going to lose.”

Their Twitter exchange comes after a Des Moines Register/CNN poll, released late last week, positioned Sanders as the front-runner of the Iowa caucuses with 20 percent. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Sanders’ strongest progressive opponent, came in at second place, garnering 17 percent, while former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg following in third with 16 percent. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who’s been leading the Democratic field in most polls since launching his bid last April, came in fourth with 15 percent.

Buttigieg experienced a drop after a period of enthusiasm towards his campaign pushed him to the top of the Iowa field in November.

“There’s no denying that this is a good poll for Bernie Sanders. He leads, but it’s not an uncontested lead,” said J. Ann Selzer, president of Selzer & Co., the firm that conducted the poll. “He’s got a firmer grip on his supporters than the rest of his compatriots.”

Sanders has been building momentum and support in recent months, as mirrored in his steady rise in national and some state polls. As he fired back at Trump on Sunday, New Hampshire’s second-largest union revealed it will endorse Sanders for the Democratic nomination, breaking ranks with its national body that has declined to back a candidate in the crowded field.

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