Ariel Winter is not “begging” her boyfriend Levi Meaden to get her pregnant “ASAP,” despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can shoot down this fake claim. We’re told it’s “total nonsense.”

According to the not always reliable (or classy) RadarOnline, a so-called “source” says Winter “wants to get knocked up before her 20th birthday.” While not noted in the website’s article, that’s actually four months from now. Anyway, the outlet then nebulously adds how the “Modern Family” star has been “telling friends she wants to become a mom” and was recently “spotted shopping at a baby store.”

Of course, the repeatedly inaccurate site has no proof that she’s been telling unnamed “friends” she wants to have a baby. And even if she went shopping at an unnamed “baby store” on unspecified day with her boyfriend Levi Meaden, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to get pregnant. Simply, the outlet’s article is riddled with holes and offers no concrete proof of its claim.

So, what does the often debunked site do? It pulls a so-called “source” out of nowhere to backup its seemingly fabricated story. The unnamed and almost assuredly untraceable “source” supposedly says, “[Winter] wants to start a family while she’s still in her prime.” The purported “source” then tells a tale about how the actress “took Levi out for dinner last week to tell him of her intentions, and even had a pacifier-shaped sucker as a cute gift for him!”

Naturally, the name of the restaurant is not mentioned nor on what date this alleged dinner took place. Basically, RadarOnline would like its readers to believe Winter wants to get pregnant within the next 120 days, because it claims she told that to unnamed friends before going to an unnamed baby store. We’re also asked to believe that Winter had dinner an at unnamed restaurant, where she supposedly informed Meaden that they need to “start trying ASAP” because she “wants to fall pregnant before her 20th birthday.”

It’s funny because Gossip Cop doesn’t see any bulls in our office, yet we sure smell them. Mind you, this is all coming from the same site, whose sister publication Star reported a month ago that Winter was begging her boyfriend to propose marriage. Now, the website maintains she’s begging him to have a baby “ASAP.” Actually, Gossip Cop is begging RadarOnline and its sister outlets to stop spreading falsehoods. A rep for Winter assures us the new article about her wanting to get pregnant “ASAP” is “total nonsense.”