Some customers won’t receive the speed bumps without a TV subscription

It’s no secret that cord cutting is more popular than ever — the success of services like Sling TV are a testament to that. Indeed, entertainment fans today have far more online content streaming options than ever before.

Platforms like Netflix and Amazon offer excellent value to those who prefer on-demand content while DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue both aim to target fans of traditional live TV experiences, just without the hassle of a contract or cable box.

Naturally, this trend hasn’t exactly been ideal for ISPs that offer video services – cable TV subscriber numbers continue to drop while the number of cord cutters increases.

Some ISPs have simply adopted an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach to the situation, as evidenced by Dish Network’s launch of Sling TV and DirecTV’s debut of DirecTV Now.

Other ISPs, however, are looking at alternative methods of keeping customers tied to their cable boxes. As Ars Technica reports, the latest company to do so is Comcast.

According to the outlet, Comcast last week announced that numerous significant internet speed increases would be rolling out to select Houston, Oregon and Washington-based customers for free.

These speed increases would reportedly kick in “automatically without raising [customers’] monthly bills” and would more than double some customers’ internet speeds. For example, customers who subscribe to Comcast’s 60Mbps internet plan are being upgraded to a 150Mbps connection, while some 250Mbps subscribers are being bumped up to a 400Mbps connection.

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