The House Democrats’ campaign arm launched Facebook ads Tuesday in 80 districts targeting Republicans on their plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare

The ads will attack the House GOP’s healthcare bill, which passed in May, specifically targeting a provision that would have allowed insurance companies to charge older people more for coverage.

“The Republicans’ health care bill would add an age tax to older Americans, allowing them to be charged five times more than younger people,” reads the ad.

The ads will run in the 80 districts Democrats are targeting in 2018, including those held by Republicans who voted against the bill.

“With Republicans in control of Congress, our healthcare is constantly at risk,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Tyler Law said in a statement.

“This digital ad campaign will educate voters in our battlefield about the morally bankrupt age tax and remind people what is at stake in the midterms.”

Democrats are seizing on the unpopularity of the American Health Care Act as they head into the 2018 midterm elections.

The House-passed healthcare bill struggled to get the support to pass, with more than 20 Republicans ultimately voting against it.

Polls generally showed the plan was unpopular among the public.

About 55 percent of Americans had an unfavorably view of the bill, according to a Kaiser Health tracking poll released in May.

The GOP-controlled Senate refused even to take up the House-passed bill, though the upper chamber ultimately failed to pass its own healthcare legislation before the August recess.