Giorgia Meloni has hailed a historic result as exit polls point to a victory for the right-wing coalition led by her party in Italy’s Sunday elections.

The 45-year-old leader of far-right party Brothers of Italy declared on Facebook overnight Sunday: “Today we made history.”

Exit polls suggest the right-wing coalition that Meloni heads received between 43 and 45 percent of the vote, leaving the center-left and left-wing parties trailing behind.

Meloni would become Italy’s first female prime minister, and the first leader from the far right since World War II. Full and final results are due later on Monday.

Meloni wrote that she won’t betray the trust of those of voted for her. “We are ready to lift Italy back up,” she vowed, echoing the slogan that helped power her campaign in recent months.

Meloni dedicated the expected victory to “all the militants, leaders, symphatizers, and every single person who—in this years—contributed to make our dream true, giving out their soul and heart in a spontaneous and disinterested way.”

She also thanked “those who despite difficulties and hard times stayed in their place, with faith and generosity.” Adding: “But most of all [this victory] is dedicated to those who believe and have always believed in us.”

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