London Mayor Sadiq Khan reportedly gave the go-ahead for protesters to fly a giant, orange inflatable baby designed to look like President Trump during his state visit to the United Kingdom next week.

According to The Times, Khan signed off on the protesters’ request to fly the balloon over the city’s Parliament Square earlier on Friday. The balloon will reportedly fly Tuesday, a day after Trump is scheduled to arrive in London for his three-day visit.

Protesters are now reportedly waiting for permission to fly the balloon from the Metropolitan Police.

The Stop Trump Coalition, which is organizing the effort, is also reportedly waiting until it hits its £30,000 ($37,914) fundraising goal before flying the balloon.

Anna Vickerstaff, one of the organizers, told The Times that the money is supposed to go toward organizations “pushing back against the politics of hate and division.”

“We’re all for making a joke out of Trump but we won’t let the opportunity pass to support those fighting the very serious impacts of what he’s doing,” she said.

Thousands of protesters are expected to attend demonstrations protesting the president’s visit to the U.K.

Trump was also met with massive protest during his state visit to the U.K. last year.

At the time, Trump said that although he “used to love London as a city,” he felt “unwelcome” because of the demonstrations.