The Vermont senator also criticized Biden and Buttigieg for their fundraising.

Sen. Bernie Sanders directly attacked former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for attempting to “buy the presidency” at a campaign rally Sunday in Carson City, Nevada.

“Well, you buy the presidency — at least he’s going to try to buy the presidency — by spending hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads,” Sanders said.

The charge comes after a record-breaking month of spending by the Bloomberg campaign, which has spent more than $381 million since Bloomberg announced his bid in November of 2019. In January, less than two month into his campaign, Bloomberg spent more than $200 million on ads.

Sanders said that he “didn’t see Mike in Iowa when we were holding town meetings with folks there,” and also criticized Bloomberg’s absence in other key states including New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

“But he thinks he can buy this election,” Sanders said. “Well, I got news for Mr. Bloomberg, and that is the American people are sick and tired of billionaires buying elections.”

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