Šēxý dóllsfórfull lifē sizē for mēn Full Body Design Silicone Torso Female 3 in 1 Real Skin Live D&ôLLs Së&xy Dolly for Men Realistic PôcKét PuŠŠeÿ six Lover-Dôles Adult Toys 12 Lbs ZhaoWQ111 by GETBVHTYOEPYU for $260.25 + shipping is free…

About this item

  • ★★★★★★Intelligent voice, intelligent voice, intelligent voice as well as headphones and pronunciation devices. Fast delivery.
  • ★With 3D internal texture tunnel and super-elastic material, it can generate strong and comfortable thrust, and it feels like a real woman.
  • ★ Soft and true dual-channel and super sucking-special internal wrinkles will wrap you tightly and grow continuously. Realistic particles and wavy wrinkles lick and suck you!
  • ★ Appropriate portable size: You can store it in a suitcase, backpack, work bag and backpack, which is very suitable for travel and travel.
  • ★Excellent TPE material, high elasticity, high technology, soft and comfortable, safe, non-toxic, skin-friendly.

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