Donald Trump lauded a “great meeting” with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday evening just hours after accusing the social media platform of playing “political games”.

The US president and some Republicans in Congress have complained that social media giants are biased against Republicans, something the companies have rejected as untrue.

Trump lost 204,000, or 0.4 percent, of his 53.4 million followers in July, according to social media data firm Keyhole, when Twitter started its purge of suspicious accounts after it and other social media services were used in misinformation campaigns attempting to influence voters in the 2016 US presidential race and other elections.

During yesterday’s meeting, Trump asked why he periodically lost large number of followers only to be told Twitter often removes fraudulent and spam accounts and that many famous people, including Dorsey himself, had lost followers as a result.

This seems to have placated the president who tweeted his praise for the meeting shortly after.

While some tech company executives may lean towards the liberal, they have long asserted that their products are without political bias, the Press Association reports.

Trump had tweeted earlier Tuesday that Twitter did not treat him well and that he would have more followers “if Twitter wasn’t playing their political games”.

Twitter described the meeting with Dorsey as constructive and said it came at the president’s invitation.

“They discussed Twitter’s commitment to protecting the health of the public conversation ahead of the 2020 US elections and efforts under way to respond to the opioid crisis,” the company said in a statement.