President Trump criticized “Saturday Night Live” on Sunday afternoon for allegedly dropping its humor and grace but praised musical visitor Kanye West – who delivered an impromptu professional-Trump speech to awkward silence and a scattered combination of boos and applause.

On Twitter, Trump accused the display of fitting a big political commercial for the Democrats with its routine lampooning of conservative figures. The 44th season’s most reliable on Saturday opened with a cartoon of Matt Damon playing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh screaming on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Trump observed he does not watch the popular overdue-night comedy reveal despite having hosted it in the past. However, he did trap wind of West carrying his “Make America Great Again” hat and praising Trump to the commonly liberal audience interior NBC’s Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

During a functionality of “Ghost Town,” a song off his current studio album, “Ye,” West was agitated via viewers participants guffawing at him and launched into a pro-Trump monologue with the “SNL” cast standing behind him on level, after the published had ended.

“You see they guffawing at me. You heard them. They scream at me. They bully me. They bullied me behind the scenes. They mentioned, ‘Don’t pass obtainable with that hat on.’ They bullied me behind the curtain. They bullied me. And then they say I’m in a sunken vicinity,” West mentioned. “You are looking to see the sunken area? OK, I’m going to hearken to y’all now… or I’m going to positioned my Superman cape on as a result of this skill you can not tell me what to do.”



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