To the editor: Once again I’m reading about an egregious scoffing of the nation’s laws by an administration that believes it is above the law. (“Is Trump’s 4th of July celebration an abuse of power? Critics say it will be one big MAGA rally,” July 3)

The first time you get slapped, you hurt. The 10th time, you’re numb. Once again, we are supposed to be enraged at the administration’s unwillingness to follow the rules.

But why should it obey the law? All along the president and his allies have been brushing away the outrage of the citizenry and the stammering of ethicists. Why should they stop now?

My question: Where are the ethics police if the president is supposed to discipline his underlings and doesn’t? Are there ethics police? Not only does the administration think it’s above the law, but the inability to enforce the Hatch Act against using government offices for partisan purposes seems to be saying that’s OK.

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