The holidays are upon us, meaning it’s time to get together with family and friends and exchange gifts. While shopping can be fun, finding just the right holiday gifts for our loved ones is sometimes challenging. 
Before you resort to giving cash or an ordinary gift card, expand your gift-giving opportunities by checking out these valuable security and financial gift ideas.
5 unique financial holiday gift ideas
1. Gold and Gold IRAs
Facing high inflation and unstable world affairs, many investors are looking for non-traditional vehicles to place their money, like gold and other precious metals. While gold isn’t “inflation-proof,” and it’s not for everyone, it is a valuable gift that may provide a return over the long term.
Gold coins are a unique collectible to fill your holiday stockings with, and your family will treasure the gift more than cash. Unlike clothes, toys and other common gifts, gold is valuable, beautiful to look at and lasts forever. You can buy gold through an online dealer or local dealer.
Gold IRAs are another unique financial gift that works just like a standard IRA, but it allows you to hold physical gold and other precious metals. You likely won’t be able to give a gold IRA as a surprise gift, as you’ll need to work with your gift recipient to set up an account in their name. While opening a gold IRA is relatively straightforward, you’ll have to follow IRS directions for assigning a custodian and depository for your gold.
2. Pet insurance
Pet insurance can help pay for expensive veterinary bills if your pet is ill or injured. With the high cost of veterinary services, pet insurance could be a unique gift for a family member that could come in handy if they suddenly face a large, unexpected vet bill.
Think about the older people in your life who may be living on a fixed income or others with limited financial means. How would they fare if they had to pay a substantial vet bill?
You could give peace of mind by getting pet insurance for a loved one, but you don’t want to saddle them with premium payments. As such, you’ll need to be comfortable covering the premiums to make this a true gift.

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