CNN host Jake Tapper laughed in Mick Mulvaney’s face today after the acting White House chief of staff insisted that “nobody blames the president” for debasing politics.

On Sunday’s State of the Union, Tapper and Mulvaney discussed Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) using swear words to discuss a potential impeachment and Trump’s reaction.

“President Trump obviously is not exactly known as a delicate flower when it comes to the language. He’s sworn publicly quite a bit,” Tapper explained, before asking Mulvaney: “Does President Trump think that he’s played any role in the coarsening of our national discourse?”

“No, no,” Mulvaney resplied.

“You think he doesn’t?” Tapper questioned.

“I think people can be coarse as clearly this member of Congress is,” Mulvaney stated. “I don’t think anybody blames the president for the coarsening of the language.”

Tapper laughed at Mulvaney’s response and pressed again: “You don’t think anybody in the country blames the president?”

“Well, you probably do,” Mulvaney admitted. “But I think there’s more important things.”

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