Walter Shaub thinks Donald Trump’s nearly $106 million golf tab is getting way out of hand.

President Donald Trump’s former ethics chief is sarcastically proposing a “Golf on Your Own Damn Dime Act of 2019.”

Walter Shaub, who served under Barack Obama before leaving the Trump administration in 2017, pitched the mock law in response to Trump’s record number of golf trips to his own resort properties — even during official trips abroad.

The taxpayer tab for president’s pricey golf outings is now up to nearly $106 million, according to a Huffpost analysis. But what’s unique for golfing presidents is that Trump owns the resorts he’s visiting, so the publicly funded trips also serve as advertisements for his private businesses.

Shaub’s mock new act would require any POTUS to “pay for all costs” for a golf outing “incurred by the entourage from the minute he/she left the White House until he/she is back inside the White House.”

The tab for Trump’s visit earlier this week to his golf resort in Doonbeg in Ireland — at least $3.6 million — was particularly steep because he brought along a substantial entourage following his official state visit in London. The club used Trump’s stay to try to drum up business for the money-losing operation by tweeting about his visit — something the Trump Organization had pledged would never happen because of ethics concerns. The golf course removed the tweets following questions about them from Huffpost.

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