Man, the president must be really pressed to come up with this doozy.

On Wednesday, former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee about the Russian investigation, which reignited impeachment discussions among Democrats.

Clearly, this annoyed the president, because he called reporters into the Oval Office on Friday for an unscheduled press conference in which he whined about how unfairly he’s been treated and even went so far as to suggest that President Obama be investigated for the lucrative book deals he’s signed.

“We want to find out what happened with the last Democrat president. Let’s look into Obama the way they’ve looked at me,” Trump said, Deadline reports. “They could look into the book deal that president Obama made. Let’s subpoena all of his records.”

USA Today notes the president wasn’t entirely clear (shocking!) but he seemed to be referring to “a $60 million advance for one book written each by Michelle and Barack Obama. The former first lady’s book, ‘Becoming,’ was published last year and quickly became a best seller.”

It’s interesting that Trump would even care about the Obamas’ book deals, given his well-documented struggles with the English language. The Root even did an “in-depth” investigation into the matter.

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