President Trump forgot the name of the California town he was visiting, which had just been burned to ashes by wildfires … calling it “Pleasure” instead of Paradise.

DT was touring the wildfire wreckage in CA Saturday alongside Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-elect Gavin Newsom — seeing the damage from the Camp and Woolsey Fires firsthand. At one point, he made the embarrassing blunder … and seemed to stick by his mistake at first, despite being corrected by a group of people.

He eventually corrects himself after enough people insist Paradise, CA is, in fact, called Paradise … and not Pleasure. He also flippantly said … “What a name.” Paradise was the first stop of his California tour this weekend. At least 76 people have been killed so far from NorCal’s Camp Fire, and least 3 have died from the Woolsey Fire down south.

Remember … Trump originally placed blame on the Golden State as the fires were at their peaks, even threatening to cut federal funding from California if its alleged mismanagement of forests wasn’t remedied “now.” He changed his tune a bit Saturday, saying if people would just rake the dang grounds more, fires like these could be prevented.

Yikes …