House Democrats hope to revive the public’s waning interest in Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday, when they bring him to Capitol Hill for a good old-fashioned grilling.

But while they’ve fought internally about how to act on Mueller’s damning conclusions, they’ve actually seen some progress when it comes to investigating Trump in another crucial area: his finances.

Democrats have launched at least nine different investigations aimed at digging into Trump’s banking records, foreign income, insurance history, accounting files and business archives — most recently a lawsuit aimed solely at prying loose his federal tax returns.

With so many probes underway, at least one is bound to get through eventually, legal and financial experts told VICE News. The question is: when?

“At least one of these investigations seems destined to succeed,” said Beverly Moran, a law professor at Vanderbilt University and an expert on federal tax law. “But Trump may be able to delay all of them past the election.”

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