The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) notified dozens of applicants for Foreign Service jobs last month that the positions had been closed, a spokesman for the agency confirmed on Saturday.

The cancellations, reported by the international development news website Devex this week, hit 97 applicants who were already going through the agency’s pre-employment process.

Many had already sat through interviews, obtained medical clearances and turned in security paperwork, and some had waited two years for the jobs, according to Devex.

“Thank you for your interest in a position with US Agency for International Development (USAID),” a letter sent to applicants reads. “We appreciate the time and effort you committed to pursuing a career with USAID throughout the Agency’s multi‐step application process.”

“After careful deliberation, the Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM) has determined that given the current staffing needs of the Agency the position