Conservative commentator Ann Coulter lashed out at President Donald Trump for telling his supporters that sections of his proposed border wall are already built.

On Tuesday, Coulter shared to Twitter a Washington Post Fact Checker article titled “President Trump says his ‘beautiful wall’ is being built. Nope,” which stated that Trump has proclaimed the wall is being built, when in reality, it isn’t.

“The White House failed miserably to achieve its objectives on funding for a border wall, receiving relative peanuts,” the article read. “It sought $25 billion but ended up with 5 percent of that. Moreover, the money came with strings attached so that it could be used only for fencing, not the ‘great’ and ‘beautiful wall’ promised by Trump.”

Alongside her tweet of the article, Coulter also wrote: “Even a Washington Post reporter knows that not 1 inch of Trump’s wall has been built. Does Trump think his supporters are dumber than a WaPo reporter?”

Earlier today, Trump, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat, and Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democrat from New York, engaged in a heated fight at the Oval Office over the president’s misleading facts about the wall.

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