Gen X is on the move in the real estate market and the industry is taking notice. While there is a lot of talk about Millennials entering the market, you, Gen X, are pulling the train.

You are buying first houses, moving up, or upgrading your properties — in droves.

Best Home Loans For Established Or New Buyers

You’re looking for home loans and mortgage lenders to help you achieve your real estate goals within your time frame and budget. While you’re not “generation me” — you’ve got too many responsibilities for that — you want to be taken seriously.

The Wealthiest Generation

Your requirements differ from other generations, but aren’t too hard to grasp.

Between ages 36 and 54, Gen X is wedged between Millennials and Baby Boomers. By population, you’re the country’s smallest generation. But you’re also now its wealthiest — and the one with the most responsibilities. Those come with more expenses, making you cost-conscious.

You’re often caring for children, parents or both. Your bigger family means more house, and probably a larger mortgage.

If, like many Gen Xers, you own your own business, you need flexible financing options and an easy-to-navigate approval process.

With all that’s on your plate, you have a lot of needs, but not a lot of time. It’s essential lenders create home loan packages that fit Gen X requirements and work with you to find the best option.

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