The Trump administration is pursuing a plan to hand Saudi Arabia sensitive nuclear technology despite protests from members of the National Security Council, according to a bombshell congressional report published Tuesday.

The 24-page document released by the House Oversight Committee revealed that the White House wants to build a network of nuclear power plants in the the Gulf State, and that Donald Trump met with nuclear advisers about the idea as recently as February 12.

The Washington Post reported that last week’s Oval Office meeting included Energy Secretary Rick Perry, representatives from the NSC and State Department, and a dozen nuclear industry executives.

Whistleblowers who spoke to the committee warned that the transfer of the sensitive technology to the Saudis could destabilize the region by boosting nuclear weapons proliferation.

“The whistleblowers who came forward have expressed significant concerns about the potential procedural and legal violations connected with rushing through a plan to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia,” the report says.

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