Because The New York Times “is going to twist every single word” of his, she explained.

Ivana Trump apparently has the unofficial role of Twitter adviser to the president.

The first wife of President Donald Trump spoke with CBS’s Jim Axelrod about her relationship with her ex-husband, revealing that they talk about once a week and that he asks for her advice on whether or not to tweet.

“I said, ‘I think you should tweet. It’s a new way, a new technology. And if you want to get your words across rightly, without telling The New York Times, which is going to twist every single word of yours, this is how you get your message out,’” she said.
And she thinks critics just need to get used to it.

“Well, it’s a tweeting president,” she said. “This is his new way, how to put the message across. And he’s right.”

The former fashion model married Trump back in 1977 and they divorced in 1992. She is the mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. While she may be unofficially advising Trump on Twitter, the president apparently offered her the official role of U.S. ambassador to her native Czech Republic, but she declined.

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