Joshua Kushner and wife Karlie Kloss threw a post-wedding party last weekend in Wyoming but his brother, White House senior aide Jared Kushner, did not attend, according to a source

As Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were preparing to embark on one of their most delicate political campaigns, his brother and sister-in-law, Joshua Kushner and Karlie Kloss, were preparing a weekend-long party in Wyoming to celebrate their wedding last fall.

The two worlds briefly collided when Jared and his wife visited Josh and Kloss in Wyoming, multiple sources tell PEOPLE.

It was there that Josh and Kloss, who married in October, just threw a three-day celebration of their nuptials alongside guests including Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry.

However, despite tabloid reports that Jared, 38, and his wife were there during the celebration, a source who attended says they actually only stopped by on Thursday night before the festivities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday Ivanka, 37, posted a photo to her Instagram Story of her and Jared outdoors, in a setting similar to social media posts from other attendees at the Wyoming party.

But the photo was taken elsewhere, says the source in attendance.

(A White House spokeswoman declined to comment the couple’s personal schedule.)

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Both senior aides to Donald Trump, Jared and Ivanka have begun promoting the administration’s new plan to foster peace between Palestinians and Israel. Jared will speak about the proposal in Bahrain during a two-day “Peace to Prosperity” gathering.

Still, only the economic parts of the American peace plan have been announced, according to The New York Times. The plan’s funding is also more aspirational than concrete, with the U.S. not pledging any money and instead seeking private sources, grants and the support of Persian Gulf countries.

Jared told Reuters that the Bahrain trip was less a “conference” than a “workshop”: “We want to get feedback and hopefully finalize it so we can then coordinate a lot of the aid efforts and investing efforts to really drive results.”

“I laugh when they attack this as the ‘Deal of the Century.’ This is going to be the ‘Opportunity of the Century’ if they have the courage to pursue it,” he said of the proposal.