Kevin Crawford of Bozeman and Curtis Roe of Belgrade decided to protest President Donald Trump’s visit Saturday to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in grass.

The pair mowed “FU45” on Roe’s land under the landing approach Air Force One would make.

The result was lettering 60 feet tall and 150 feet across.

Crawford said that seemed like a better approach than protesting at the campaign rally because “his wingnut base loves nothing more than to think they are pissing off a bunch of liberals who are protesting.”

Crawford said Roe suggested they should do something to mark the occasion. They had a couple of beers and got to mowing, measuring by fence posts.

“It’s just to express displeasure or disgust — or I could think of a lot of other adjectives,” he said. “My approach was, we said what we had to say with a lawnmower.”

Crawford said he doesn’t have a definitive opinion about Trump visiting Montana per se except “like Missoula it’s him showing up on the blue islands in this red state because Jon Tester has displeased him by not kowtowing to him over Kavanaugh.”

Sen. Tester, a Democrat, voted against confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, though Trump’s beef with him began when he opposed White House physician Ronny Jackson’s nomination for the post of secretary of veterans affairs.

“He’s wasting taxpayer money, but he’s wasted so much money it’s hardly worth noting now,” he added.

When Trump visited Missoula in mid-October, people in the town added a peach to the University’s “M” for “M-peach.” Others turned the L on Mount Jumbo into “LIAR” with large fabric letters.

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