Here’s why they may not always admit it.

I noticed something watching President Trump’s official 2020 campaign launch on Tuesday night that I have noticed before. Oftentimes when Trump goes for applause lines in speeches, people applaud. But sometimes, they laugh. It’s not like a “that was funny” laugh; it’s more like a “I know that was ridiculous, but I’m in on the joke” laugh. And occasionally, it’s sort of a nervous, “that might have crossed the line” laugh.

And a new poll suggests there’s something to that.

The Pew survey shows that a majority of Republicans and GOP-leaning voters say they are at least sometimes “embarrassed” (53 percent) and “concerned” (59 percent) about the things Trump says.

Large numbers also say they are at least sometimes “exhausted” (41 percent), “angry” (37 percent) and “insulted” (32 percent). Twenty-two percent say they are sometimes “frightened” by Trump’s comments.

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