The insurance industry says New York is leaving consumers in the dark by not releasing details of proposed 2018 health insurance rate increases health plans submitted to the state two weeks ago.

The state Department of Financial Services initially said it would publish insurers’ rate applications on its website last week, but still hasn’t done so. A spokesman for the department said Tuesday the agency is still reviewing the applications.

The New York Health Plan Association said consumers are getting letters from insurers about proposed double-digit rate increases and being directed to visit the department’s website to review the applications and submit their comments.

“Plans are taking the flack and consumers are being left in the dark,” Paul Macielak of the Health Plan Association said in a statement.

Under New York law, consumers have 30 days to make comments on the requests. The department typically makes decisions on the requests by early August.

Macielak said the continuing delay in posting the rate applications is impeding consumers’ rights.