Redacted court filings suggest that Paul Manafort gave Konstantin Kilimnik—whom Special Counsel Robert Mueller has alleged is a Russian spy—75 pages of recent polling data. The data was referenced in an email with Manafort’s associate, Rick Gates, and in emails sent by Kilimnik. According to the journalist Marcy Wheeler’s emptywheel blog, Manafort’s attorneys describe the polling data as “Exhibit 233,” which dates “prior to the Republican Convention and the start of the General Election.” In the document, his lawyers wrote that Manafort referenced the polling data in an email to Gates on August 2, 2016—with a footnote that lists the page numbers of “Exhibit 233” as “pp. 4-79,” a total of 75 pages. Court documents also describe emails Kilimnik sent, and at least six of them refer back to “Exhibit 233.” The polling data was mentioned in Mueller’s sentencing memo against Manafort, who could face up to 22 years in prison. Lawyers for Manafort also appeared to reference the shared polling data in an insufficiently redacted court filing last December that claimed the former Trump chairman had not lied to Mueller’s team but merely misremembered certain details.