Jerome Corsi, the right-wing conspiracy theorist and associate of Roger Stone, asserted yesterday that his knowledge of the timing and content of stolen Democratic emails in 2016 was simply the product of his own brilliant analysis. “I basically figured it out, which is what I do,” Corsi said yesterday. Piecing together public information, he sifted through 1,000 pages of information about the Democratic party’s computer systems and, via “forensic analysis,” inferred that John Podesta’s emails had been stolen and would soon be published. Corsi also explained that his misstatements to the special counsel about his actions were simply inadvertent mistakes due to “terrible” memory. Corsi’s just a confused old man with borderline dementia who is combing through 1000 pages of forensic computer analysis to detect patterns that escaped the world’s leading information experts.

Shockingly, this account appears not to be, uh, true.

A court document apparently drafted by Robert Mueller and obtained by NBC and CNN cites emails that prove that Corsi was in contact with WikiLeaks and, more importantly, that he passed on what he knew to Roger Stone.

According to the document, Stone emailed Corsi on July 25, 2016: “Get to (Assange) [a]t Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the pending (WikiLeaks) emails.”

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