More undocumented workers have lost their jobs at a Trump property. This time it was the turn of undocumented workers at a Trump golf club in southern New Jersey. The Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia, which is located in Pine Hill, N.J. became the third Trump property to fire undocumented workers in the past few weeks, reports the New York Times. Around five workers were fired or told not to return to work at the Pine Hill club, including two seasonal workers who were scheduled to get back to the club in the spring. Several other seasonal workers are expected to be told not to return as well.

The firings turn the Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia into the third known Trump property to fire undocumented workers. The string of firings shows how “President Trump’s family business has employed undocumented workers more broadly than it was previously believed,” notes the Times. That is in stark contrast to the tough-on-immigration stance that Trump has taken since moving into the White House. The Trump Organization insists it was fooled by these workers who had fake documents. But workers have repeatedly told journalists how the company decidedly looked the other way even when it was obvious they were being presented with fake documents.

Last week, the Washington Post was first to report that about a dozen employees at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York were fired in mid-January. Several of those workers who talked to the Post said there was an unspoken agreement with management that it would accept fake documents as long as they were somewhat believable. Earlier, a New York Times story about an undocumented worker at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J led to a string of firings.

It seems there could be more firings in the near future considering earlier this week, the Trump Organization said it will be using the E-Verify electronic system to check the legal status of its employees. “We are actively engaged in uniforming this process across our properties and will institute E-verify at any property not currently utilizing this system,” Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said in a statement. “As a company we take this obligation very seriously and when faced with a situation in which an employee has presented false and fraudulent documentation, we will take appropriate action.” Although the system had been pretty regularly used at many of the company’s hotels, it wasn’t implement at most of its golf courses.