App-based insurance platform Trov is finally nearing its much-heralded entrance into the United States market, with Japan and Canada also in its sights.

The online insurer essentially takes the agent out of the equation, allowing customers to tailor their insurance needs – in much the same way as Uber and Netflix allow a customer to hail a ride or watch their favorite shows whenever they want, however they choose.

The US company currently operates in Australia and the United Kingdom, but will soon enter the US and Japanese markets.

Jeff Berezny, VP of marketing and communications at Trov, said in a blog post the company was “ecstatic” to announce its progress toward its US launch.

“We’ve been working hard over the past several months to get Trov On-Demand Insurance ready for the US, which includes working closely with each and every state regulator.
“We’re happy to announce that Trov On-Demand Insurance has been approved by regulators in 23 states, so we’re almost halfway there!” he said.

“We’re already live in Australia and the UK, but that’s only the beginning. We’ll be rolling out in several new countries in the near future … Canada and Japan are next up!”

Through Trov’s app, users create an online inventory of their most valuable possessions. Once the inventory is completed, they can then “swipe” on the items that they want protected, then choose a price and deductible suitable to their financial conditions. Once a policy has been secured, customers may then submit their claims through text messages.

The app can be used to insure just about anything, from insuring a laptop against the risk of loss or accidental damage, to a pair of skis for a weekend trip. The company then both bills and collects premiums through the app, sharing the portion of the proceeds with its insurance underwriting partner.

“From binding a policy to making a claim, the consumer doesn’t have to speak to anybody,” CEO Scott Walchek previously told the Wall Street Journal. Trov unbundled insurance, Walchek said, much like Apple’s iTunes unbundled individual songs from albums.

Trov has partnerships with Munich Re in the US, with Sompo and Munich Re in Japan, with Suncorp in Australia, and with Axa in the UK.