President Donald Trump purports to hate “fake news” but he seems to have no problem with fake photos. At least that’s what Gizmodo discovered when it started carefully looking at the images on Trump’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts and discovered photos of the president that make him look thinner and more built. And, yes, the president’s infamous obsession with the size of his hands strikes again as the photos also make a point of lengthening the president’s fingers. Gizmodo found at least three instances of altered photos published since October 2018, dismissing any possible suggestion that it was a one-off event. Whether the photos were edited using Facetune or Photoshop or any other tool isn’t clear, but it does seem obvious they were at least slightly altered.

The photo below, which was posted to Trump’s Facebook account on January 17 has been altered to make his face look thinner and his fingers “slightly longer,” reports Gizmodo, which compared the photo to the original posted on the White House’s Flickr page.

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