The Mean One is a new horror movie coming out this season that is based on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas classic. However, a scary adaptation of this storyline makes it difficult to maintain the charm of the original.
This live-action of the Grinch is a classic Christmas watch for many households. Though it’s a bit more humorous than the original, it still succeeds in portraying the same themes. There are a lot of great quotes in this film and these outline how inspirational the story is.
The Grinch’s lair is a stark comparison to the Whoville town in this film. While Whoville is full of bright colors, lights, and Christmas cheer, the Grinch’s home is a dark cave full of others’ discarded trash and furniture.
It’s debatable as to which version of The Grinch is the best, but this live-action film succeeds in giving the anti-hero an interesting backstory. He was raised by two older women, Rose and Clarnella, who loved him despite the fact that he was different.
This is an important line to remember that the Grinch didn’t go his entire life without being cared about. He only became truly conniving and determined to ruin other people’s lives after he was tormented at school. This quote demonstrates that a little kindness and love can go a long way, especially toward someone that is being discriminated against.
The Grinch is an iconic Jim Carrey character and that has a lot to do with the hilarious one-liners throughout the film. While these quotes may not resonate with younger viewers, adults watching will appreciate the more mature humor.

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