There’s one area that has increased demand and that’s driving higher salaries.

After six months of slowing wage growth, August turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Workers in the United States saw their annual median base pay grow by 2% year over year for the month of August, rising to $51,556, according to the Glassdoor Local Pay Reports. That’s an improvement over July, when wages increased by only 1.7%, but still below January’s peak of 3.4%.

“We will be watching eagerly to see if this starts a trend in the opposite direction,” said Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain. “We are also closely watching retail, and while the holiday season is still months away, retailers are already making preparations to fill short-term positions in time for the holiday buying rush.”

Jobs in retail have experienced above-average growth at least in part because of heavy demand for workers. Glassdoor shows more than 614,000 openings on its website if you include not just in-store positions like cashiers, warehouse workers, and store managers, but also jobs that support retail like truck drivers.

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