Dental Probiotics for Fresh Breath – Fights Bad Breath, Restores Healthy Bacteria – Wild Fuel Vegetarian Cruelty-Free Oral Health Support – 45 Sugar-Free Chewable Mint Tablets in a Handy Travel Tin by Wild Fuel for $25.89 + shipping is free…

About this item

  • Confidence in a tin. Put bad breath and mask breath worries behind you. A single tablet provides 3 billion colony forming units to reinforce existing healthy bacteria – overwhelming the bad.
  • Way beyond fresh breath. Most dental products, like mints, gums, and sprays focus on disguising problems. These probiotics provide overall dental health support, rather than just hiding issues.
  • More than a mint. A high-potency top-up of the good bacterial biome in your mouth. The key players are L Paracasei, Reuteri, Sakei, Salivarius which maintain PH and microbial balance.
  • Plus surprising extras. Dental health is closely linked to a wide range of other regular functions. Probiotics can benefit general immunity, respiratory, digestive, and ear, nose and throat health.
  • Natural benefits. Leaving out any chemical-nasties means these tablets won’t dry out your tongue or unsettle your stomach. Sugar-free and subtly sweetened with stevia.

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