Megyn Kelly said on the first episode of her new NBC morning show, which aired Monday that for years she’d “dreamed of hosting an uplifting show.”

But just three episodes in, her celebrity guests seem to find the show anything but uplifting. Kelly’s penchant for speaking her mind, regardless of how her words might be perceived, caused two of her celebrity guests to speak out against the host after their respective appearances.

The most recent was Jane Fonda, whom Kelly pressed to discuss her plastic surgery.

Fonda appeared on the show with Robert Redford on Wednesday to promote the new film “Our Souls at Night.” After asking Redford when he felt that he was a “heartthrob,” to much laughter and applause, Kelly turned her attention to Fonda.

“You’ve been an example to everyone in how to age beautifully and with strength and unapologetically,” Kelly began.

The crowd broke into applause as Fonda mouthed, “Thank you.”

Then Kelly said, “You admit you’ve had work done, which I think is to your credit. But you look amazing. . . . I read that you said you’re not proud to say you’ve had work done. Why not?”

Fonda’s face tightened, and her lips pursed. It was clear to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of human emotion that she was not happy.

“We really want to talk about that now?” she said.

A chuckling Kelly pressed on, undeterred.

“Well, one of the things people think when they look at you is how amazing you look,” Kelly responded.

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