Have you checked your car insurance rates lately? If your car insurance is up for a renewal, you can expect to see your rates increasing.

The experts tell KATV last year’s claims in Arkansas were the highest they’ve seen in 10 years. Numerous factors were used to calculate the increase, including the amount of claims coupled with the amount of uninsured cars.

According to the Arkansas Insurance Commission, in 2014, Arkansas paid out $9.8 million in claims. Last year, $1.3 billion was shelled out for claims, a driven factor for the increase in rates.

“We’re seeing people drive more than we ever have statistically, and then you couple that with everybody is now just driving with a distraction in their pocket, with their cellphone,” said Pat Frizzell, a Little Rock State Farm Agent.

Depending on the company, drivers can expect to see a 5, 10 or even 20 percent increase on their car insurance premiums, regardless of clean driving records.

The drivers of 2.3 million cars insured are also footing the bill for the 600,000 cars that are not insured.

“If you have a ticket or at-fault accident, coupled with some of these rate increases, that could end up being a perfect storm to seeing a bigger rate increase than what some of our other consumers are seeing,” added Frizzell.

Frizzell advises drivers to check with their agents for incentive programs or review their current policy for potential savings.