You realize you’re overpaying for your car insurance. And you know there are better deals out there — but how do you find the best? When you Google “compare auto insurance,” 25 million results show up. That’s not helpful.

What to expect when you Google “Compare Auto Insurance”

After you Google “compare auto insurance,” how do you make a decision about which site to use? We take a closer look at some of the top search results and what they can actually do for you.

How to compare auto insurance with NerdWallet

NerdWallet is one of the top results when you Google “compare auto insurance.” NerdWallet was founded in 2009 by CEO Tim Chen to provide unbiased, equitable analyses of consumer credit cards. The site now includes data and advice on other financial decisions too, such as mortgage rates, checking accounts, health insurance and auto insurance. NerdWallet makes money whenever a customer clicks a link on its site and ends up signing up for a new card or purchasing a service.

How does it stack up against other sites? NerdWallet takes a minimal approach. Instead of a detailed questionnaire, it asks just three questions: where you live, what car you drive and if you’re currently insured. With that information, NerdWallet gives you insurance premium estimates — not quotes — from insurers such as USAA, Allstate and Nationwide. The trouble is, these numbers aren’t going to be accurate unless you continue adding information about yourself. When you click “get quote,” the site sends you straight to an insurer’s site.

How to compare car insurance with

You might see when you Google “compare auto insurance.” launched in March 2013 under the leadership of Andrew Rose. The company aims to make shopping for car insurance easier. is free to use, and makes money when a customer buys one of the policies that are displayed. To get results, collects customer’s personal information, vehicle information, driver details and prior insurance. doesn’t believe in spam and never sells anyone’s information.

Today, works with over 100 insurance brands, and provides customized, accurate prices across the United States. What makes unique is that every quote displayed on the results page are locked-in, buyable policies.

How to compare auto insurance on insurance company sites

Several auto insurance companies’ sites come up when you Google “compare auto insurance,” such as Esurance and GEICO. While they might be car insurance companies, they often choose to provide estimates from other companies as well.

How to compare auto insurance with Progressive

Progressive is know for Flo, and probably equally recognized for their price comparison engine. The company provides rates from top competitors to help customer’s estimate how Progressive compares to other options. To compare car insurance rates with Progressive, you start by entering your zip code. From there, enter more personal details (like name, address and date of birth). Next, there is a page for vehicle information and another for drivers. Progressive will ask for a social security number for the most accurate pricing. Once you select insurance history, Progressive offers enrollment in their Snapshot program and bundled products.

Next, you’ll see a results page. To compare car insurance prices with Progressive, you’ll need to scroll all the way down the page. At the bottom below the buy button, you have the option to use their custom package maker or comparison engine. In order to compare, you’ll need to enter a few more details, but then you’ll see a few other options. However, if you see a price that you like better on their comparison page, there is no way to buy it.

How to compare car insurance with Esurance

Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, is likely one of the insurance companies you will see when you google “compare auto insurance.” Esurance is so confident in their competitive rates that they offer to give you free quotes from other auto insurers. “If you find a policy at the right price from one of the other companies, we’ll even help you buy it right from our site,” Esurance says. Esurance isn’t generating these quotes itself, however, but partners with Answer Financial, another insurance comparison site that’s part of Allstate.

Similar to Progressive, Ensurance asks for your zip code, then vehicle and driver information. You can select which discounts your are qualified for, and then input your insurance history. Your price is returned quickly. However, if you want to compare car insurance rates with Esurance, it will take awhile. They show several options at the bottom of the page, but you are directed to go begin quotes with each of them. That means you’ll be entering the same information multiple times.

Regardless of where you look to compare, it’s always a good idea to compare car insurance options you have before buying a car insurance policy.